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Arkwright, New York

Arkwright NY Summit Wind

40,000 acres of rural woodlands and wildlife habitat are under assault in Chautauqua County by three wind turbine factories: Arkwright Summit, the first, is underway as shown in this video. Birds, bats, and other wildlife are threatened. Backup energy sources must be cycled to cover times when wind stops, wasting gas and coal energy. Turbine capacity ratings are 1/3 what wind companies claim (I.e. 1/3rd the $ promised). Turbines only produce electricity 24% of the time in Western NY. Construction of 500’ turbines involves large amounts of steel from coal, immense quantities of concrete, and rare earth metals mined in environmentally destructive conditions. Health issues include wind turbine syndrome from exposure to noise, infrasound, and flicker effect. Investors are beginning to notice most wind factories east of the Mississippi are being sued on behalf of residents suffering from proximity to turbines. The NYS Constitution requires: that ”local officials protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community.“ Which Chautauqua County communities will be targeted by wind factories next?

Arkwright Besieged: destruction protested

Arkwright residents speak out at a series of protests, October 2017; included: Bruce Roll, Teresa Bretl, Robert Bommer, Rachel (Lapp) Kellogg, Harry Kellogg, Joni Riggle, Earl Riggle, Michelle Twichell, Pete Woodward, Ben Schilling, Jake Szumigala, Michael Stone, Bob Holland, Peter Howard, Fred Bretl, Dorothy Holland, Charles Stone, Maureen Stone, Angelo Graziono, Maria Orosz, Karen Harvey, Mark Twichell and Tina Graziano. 12 min. Of course, far more people should be protesting the Arkwright Wind Project. Governor Cuomo's 50/30 plan was put through by the Governor's hand-picked Public Service Commission (PSC) by-passing the State's legislature. The draconian shift in energy policy is predicated on the UN IPCC scientifically discredited notion that humans are producing inordinate amounts of CO2, thus causing global warming, or climate change. The local upshot of the Cuomo-Natural Resources Defense Council ideology, New York's forests and open lands are being turned into highly subsidized industrial parks.

Arkwright wind project: a sick joke, our worst nightmare

Bruce Roll, Arkwright resident reflects on the industrial wind project underway in his rural Western New York neighborhood (Chautauqua County): “This isn’t just an Arkwright issue, it’s going to impact this whole section of the county and Western New York. It’s a beautiful place. We’re next to one of the greatest fresh water resources in the world and they’re up here destroying the watershed. Until the first 700-foot tower goes up, people have no idea what’s going on up here. And that’s a concern; and it seems by design, the cover-up and the way the meetings are held and scheduled and no public there. And where does all of the input go that people who do have concerns - don’t seem to be getting support or any feedback from anything.”

The only notification of the turbine project Bruce Roll received was from the US Army Corp of Engineers. He reads excerpts: “I’m opposed to the public funding and construction of the Arkwright Summit Wind Project, the Cassadaga Wind Project and the Ball Hill Wind Energy Project in Chautauqua County…Proposing a project of this size, scope and negative impact shows a total disregard for this area, the environment, wildlife habitat, bird habitat, and the health of the residents Chautauqua County. This is a naturally beautiful, naturally clean, naturally healthy and naturally safe place to live. A project of this magnitude with massive towers and propeller blade would destroy all of that. It would turn this area into an industrial site that would be neurologically toxic for the residents and all living things due to the distortion and disruption of the natural elements, the wind, light and sound. Constructing massive towers with propeller blades at a height of 1600 feet on the escarpment would be like draining Chautauqua Lake. There wouldn’t be anything left that makes this area what it is. There’s a natural balance in this area that is environmentally and ecologically beneficial that can’t be bought or created by man and will only be destroyed by this project.”

In response to a question, the Arkwright resident concludes, “No, no, no. If we had known this was going to happen, we never would have bought here. This is like a sick joke, some kind of worst nightmare.”

A Horror Story: wind power fraud in rural NY State

Mary Kay Barton has been writing and speaking about the wind industry fraud since 2004. Albert Vliestra was passively in favor of wind turbines coming to Warsaw County. It wasn't a pressing issue. He didn't live near them. Not long after the turbines were installed in the area, he became ill with protracted ailments. He is a highly skilled mason, an athlete; the mysterious condition nearly crippled him, driving him to despondency and thoughts of suicide. Eventually he learns of “Wind Turbine Syndrome” and infrasound and that thousands of others experience similar ill health effects. He offers here a synopsis of his story. He tells it because, like retired health professional Mary Kay Barton, and the others, that New York State did no health studies on infrasound before they signed off on thousands of wind turbines for rural areas of the state. We hear next from Cathi Orr, or former Orangeville neighbor of the Makson family in whose wind-turbine surrounded home we are in. Cathi's story is not a happy one, none of the stories connected to wind turbines are (well, almost none). After a long fight against the turbine corporation (and complicit government), Cathi Orr lost, sold her 100 acre farm at a loss, and fled. But not far enough away...

The hosts for this conversation are Linda and Paul Makson. They are surrounded by 16 giant wind turbines that creak and groan and whistle and whoosh all the time, day and night, but the infrasound is worse. And worse yet, New York taxpayers are paying for it, as per Governor Cuomo's fraudulent “green energy” program.

Smack dab in the middle of hell: Arkwright NY

Chautauqua County Legislature, Mayville, N.Y., December 20, 2017: Privilege of the Floor

Welcome to Mars Hill

(Maine; 22 min.)

Voices of Tug Hill

(Lewis Co., N.Y.; 21 min.)

Life Under a Windplant

(Meyersdale, Pa.; 26 min.)

Wind Turbine Strobe Lights and Eerie Noises

(Fenner and Wethersfield, N.Y.; 7 min.)

Industrial Wind Energy Information

(compilation from above videos and the "Truth About Industrial Wind Energy" presentations; 39 min.)

The Wind Turbine Battle / Der Kampf um die Windräder

(Germany; 29 min.)

Wind And Sea

(Rhode Island; 2 videos)

Get Out While You Can! Big Wind Is Coming

(Chautauqua, N.Y.; 32 min.)

Wind Farm Issues — Compilation

(Fife, Scotland; 6 min.)


(1 hr. 32 min.)


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(Meredith, N.Y.; 1 hr. 23 min.)


(Ontario; 42 min.)


(Ontario; 1 hr. 32 min.)

WINDBAG OF AEOLUS [Ασκός του Αιόλου]

(Greece; 1 hr. 23 min.)

Health Impacts of Industrial Wind – conference, Erie Co., New York

(6 videos)

Nextera Zoning Hearings, Clinton Co., Missouri

(9 topics; 515 videos)

La nueva conquista: Eolicos en Oaxaca

(Mexico; 10 min.)

Infrasound & Low Frequency Noise: Physics, Cells, Health and History

(Waterloo, Ont.; 2 hr. 22 min.)

Infrasound Caused by Wind Turbines / Infraschall – Unerhörter Lärm

(Germany; 28 min.)

Infrasound from Wind Turbines / Infraschall von Windkraftanlagen / Infrasons des éoliennes

(Germany; 10 min.)

Wind Turbine Syndrome, a matter of bad prevention?

(Denmark; 13 min.)

Wind Turbines and Public Health

(Australia; 7 min.)

No Safe Place

(Prince Edward Co., Ont.; 13 min.)

Arkwright, New York

(5 videos)

Presentations before the Concerned Citizens of Moore and Argyle Township

(Michigan; 3 videos)

The Falmouth Conference on Human Rights

(Falmouth, Mass.; 5 videos)

Wind Turbine Information Session

(Scituate, Mass.; 2 hr. 10 min.)

Potential Placement of Wind Turbines

(Shelburne, Mass.; 1 hr. 57 min.)

Realities of Wind Energy

(Dekalb Co., Ill.; 1 hr. 20 min.)

Battery Blues

(Hawaii; 4.5 min.)

This Is Green Energy?

(Lowell, Vt.; 1.5 min.)

Mad World of Wind Turbines

(3.5 min.)

Wind Turbine Construction: Compilation

(6 min.)

Wind Turbine Construction

(4 videos)

Concrete Pour: Wind Turbine Foundation

(Ireland; 5 min.)

Europe’s Ill Wind

(25 min.)

A Taste of What’s Planned

(Whitelee, Scotland; 3 min.)

Testimony: Wind Turbine Noise

(Vermont; 19 videos)

Ontario Wind Turbines

(6 min.)

Living Near a Windfarm: Cape Bridgewater, Victoria

(4 interviews)

Victim Impact Statements: Australia

(13 interviews)

Interviews with Wisconsin Wind Farm Residents

(5 interviews)

Wisconsin Wind

(Fond du Lac Co. and Lincoln Township; 1 hr. 49 min.)

Throwing Caution to the Wind

(Port Rowan, Ont.; 7.5 min.)

Throwing Caution to the Wind

(Barrington, R.I.; 17 min.)

Helen Fraser Interview

(Shelburne, Ont.; 21 min.)

Amaranth Wind Turbines, Noise and Health: Barbara Ashbee Interview

(Amaranth, Ont.; 17 min.)

Pandora’s Pinwheels: The Reality of Life with Wind Turbines

(Australia and New Zealand; 1 hr. 57 min.)

Wind Turbines: The Test of Time

(7 min.)

Damage to farm fields and drainage tiles

(Iowa; 2 videos)

Wind turbines and their impacts on weather radar

(Illinois; 2 min.)

Shadow Flicker

(Webster Co., Neb.; 9 videos)

Shadow Flicker in Kingston, Massachusetts

(4 videos)

Shadow Flicker

(Dashwood, Huron Co., Ont.; 2 min.)

Wind Turbine Sound – Field Recording

(Denmark; 10 min.)

What Wind Turbines Sound Like

(Fond du Lac Co., Wis.; 2.5 min.)

Wind Turbine Noise and Shadow Flicker

(Fond du Lac Co., Wis.; 9 min.)

Noise and Strobing at Hoosac Wind

(Mass.; 9 sec.)

Wind Turbine Flicker

(Scituate, Mass.; 7 videos)

Wind Turbine Flicker

(Scituate, Mass.; 7 videos)

Shadow Flicker and Noise

(Freedom, Maine; 3 videos)

Shadow Flicker

(The Netherlands; 3 min.)

Foliennes — Éoliennes à tout prix?

(Québec; 7 videos)

The Truth About Industrial Wind Energy

(Kansas; 12 presentations)

Infrasound and Motion Sickness

(Ontario; 18 min.)

Lowell Mountain Soundscape Before and After Wind Turbines

(Vermont; 30 sec.)

Noise of Turbine in Aberdeenshire

(Scotland; 2 min.)

Sound Recording


Wind turbine lights offshore

(Belgium; 25 sec.)

Wind Turbine Breaks Up in Storm

(Denmark; 3 videos)

Burning Wind Turbine

(Rexville, N.Y.; 1 min.)

Wind Turbine Fire — Burning Blades Fly Off

(Portugal; 1 min.)

Burning Wind Turbine

(Portugal; 4.5 min.)

Burning Wind Turbine

(Indiana; 2 min.)

Wind Turbine Fire

(Isselburg, Germany; 2 videos)

Wind Turbine Fires


Wind Turbine Fire — Pakistan

(Jhimpir City, Thatta District, Sindh Province; 1 min.)

Washing Wind Turbine from Helicopter

(Spain; 3 min.)

Peat slippage, Meenbog Wind Farm, Donegal

(Ireland; 1.5 min.)

See also: The Politics of Peat, RTE News footage of the bog slides caused by wind facility construction in Derrybrien and other sites in Co. Galway, Ireland, compiled by the Scottish Wind Assessment Project)

The Battle for Cefn Croes

(Wales; 3 min.)

The Destruction of Cefn Croes

(photo collection)

Vulture Fatally Collides With Wind Turbine Blade

(Crete; 30 sec./6 min.)

A Rough Wind: The Impact of Industrial Windmill Facilities on Birds and Other Wildlife

(Pennsylvania; 20 min.)

Raptors and Wind Turbines

(Norway; 6.5 min.)

More videos are available in the Documents Library.

Also see more videos at the National Wind Watch You Tube page

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