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Nextera Zoning Hearings, Clinton County, Missouri

Nextera, as Osborn Wind Energy (OWE), submitted an application for a special use permit for wind energy systems to build in Clinton County. Their law firm was Polsinelli. The permit was approved, but they failed to act, required procedural actions were not performed, and the approval expired.

The next time the application was submitted, it was returned as incomplete. Nextera protested the actions of the county’s nine-member planning and zoning (P&Z) commission and filed a lawsuit. Concerned Citizens for the Future of Clinton County (CCFCC), an educational community group, was able to get the commission to recognize the subjects that the OWE easement contracts prohibited from future claims by the land owner. Negotiated sessions between attorneys and the commission resulted. The commission entered into a six-month moratorium. The CCFCC was able to become an interested party, joined to the defense team, and contributed. Nine of the 13 easement effects were agreed to by the attorneys as subjects on which the P&Z commission should have greater education before review of the ordinances proposed or in place.

Shatto Dairy decided to separate from the CCFCC and hired their own attorney to represent their interests. The attorneys for the insurance company of Clinton County, CCFCC, and Shatto Dairy became one team. Expert testimony was to be presented by both sides, and courtroom rules were followed with a court recorder creating both a transcript and video recordings. The P&Z commission was also allowed to cross-examine each witness after the attorneys were done. I believe courtroom rules were followed so a judge in the future might rule on what was admissible during a trial.

The expert testimony provided by Nextera and our group lasted from 6 to 15 hours each session, and hearings were held over several months, continuing until a subject was completed. Nextera brought in their usual team of experts, and the CCFCC brought in nationally recognized experts that were willing to testify. Strictly opinion, I believe our side won eight times and one hearing could be called a draw. The listener will have to decide who is an expert and what position prevailed.

The County decided to ban industrial wind.

—Glenn Dyer

July 2, 2015
IMG_2977   IMG_3973   IMG_3974

September 3, 2015
IMG_3962   IMG_3964   IMG_3965   IMG_3966   IMG_3967   IMG_3968   IMG_3969

December 3, 2015
IMG_4618   IMG_4619   IMG_4620   IMG_4621

January 22, 2016
IMG_5069   IMG_5070   IMG_5071   IMG_5072   IMG_5073   IMG_5074   IMG_5075   IMG_5076   IMG_5077   IMG_5078   IMG_5079   IMG_5080   IMG_5081   IMG_5082   IMG_5083   IMG_5084   IMG_5085   IMG_5086   IMG_5087   IMG_5088   IMG_5090   IMG_5091   IMG_5092   IMG_5093   IMG_5094   IMG_5095   IMG_5096

March 3, 2016
IMG_5515   IMG_5516   IMG_5517   IMG_5518   IMG_5519   IMG_5520

April 7, 2016
IMG_6295   IMG_6296   IMG_6297   IMG_6298   IMG_6299   IMG_6300   IMG_6301   IMG_6302   IMG_6303   IMG_6304   IMG_6305   IMG_6306   IMG_6307   IMG_6308   IMG_6309   IMG_6310

May 5, 2016
IMG_6954   IMG_6955   IMG_6956   IMG_6957   IMG_6958   IMG_6959   IMG_6960

May 18, 2016
IMG_7058   IMG_7059   IMG_7060

June 2, 2016
IMG_7141   IMG_7142   IMG_7143   IMG_7144   IMG_7145   IMG_7146

June 16, 2016
IMG_7354   IMG_7355   IMG_7356   IMG_7357   IMG_7358   IMG_7359   IMG_7360   IMG_7361   IMG_7362   IMG_7363   IMG_7364   IMG_7365   IMG_7366   IMG_7367   IMG_7368   IMG_7369   IMG_7370   IMG_7371   IMG_7372   IMG_7373   IMG_7374   IMG_7375   IMG_7376   IMG_7377   IMG_7378   IMG_7379   IMG_7380   IMG_7381   IMG_7382   IMG_7383   IMG_7384   IMG_7385   IMG_7386   IMG_7387   IMG_7388   IMG_7389   IMG_7390   IMG_7392   IMG_7393   IMG_7394   IMG_7395   IMG_7396   IMG_7397   IMG_7398   IMG_7399

July 7, 2016
MVI_1598   MVI_1599   MVI_1600   MVI_1601   MVI_1602   MVI_1603   MVI_1604   MVI_1605   IMG_7758   IMG_7759   IMG_7760   IMG_7774   IMG_7776   IMG_7779   IMG_7780   IMG_7781   IMG_7783   IMG_7784   IMG_7785   IMG_7787   IMG_7788   IMG_7789   IMG_7792   IMG_7797   IMG_7800   IMG_7801   IMG_7802   IMG_7803   IMG_7804   IMG_7805   IMG_7806   IMG_7807   IMG_7808   IMG_7815   IMG_2588   IMG_2589   IMG_2590   IMG_2591   IMG_2592   IMG_2593   IMG_2594   IMG_2595   IMG_2596   IMG_2597   IMG_2598   IMG_2599   IMG_2600   IMG_2601   IMG_2602   IMG_2603   IMG_2604   IMG_2605   IMG_2606   IMG_2607   IMG_2608   IMG_2609   IMG_2610   IMG_2611   IMG_2612   IMG_2613   IMG_2614

July 21, 2016
MVI_0001b   MVI_0002b   MVI_0003b   MVI_0004b   MVI_0005b   MVI_0006b   MVI_0007b   MVI_0008b   MVI_0009b   MVI_0010b   MVI_0011b   MVI_0012b   MVI_0013b   MVI_0014b   MVI_0015b   MVI_0016b   MVI_0017b   MVI_0018b   MVI_0019b

July 27, 2016
MVI_0020b   MVI_0021b   MVI_0022b   MVI_0023b   MVI_0024b   MVI_0025b   MVI_0026b   MVI_0027b   MVI_0028b   MVI_0029b

August 4, 2016
MVI_0020   MVI_0021   MVI_0022   MVI_0023   MVI_0024   MVI_0025   MVI_0026   MVI_0027   MVI_0028   MVI_0029   MVI_0030   MVI_0031   MVI_0032   MVI_0033   MVI_0034   MVI_0035   MVI_0036   MVI_0037   MVI_0038

August 18, 2016
MVI_0039   MVI_0040   MVI_0041   MVI_0042   MVI_0043   MVI_0044   MVI_0045   MVI_0046   MVI_0047   MVI_0048   MVI_0049   MVI_0050   MVI_0051   MVI_0052   MVI_0053   MVI_0054   MVI_0055   MVI_0056   MVI_0057   MVI_0058   MVI_0059   MVI_0060   MVI_0061   MVI_0062   MVI_0063   MVI_0064   MVI_0065   MVI_0066   MVI_0067   MVI_0068   MVI_0069   MVI_0070   MVI_0071   MVI_1637   MVI_1638   MVI_1639   MVI_1640   MVI_1641   MVI_1642   MVI_1643   MVI_1644   MVI_1645   MVI_1646   MVI_1647

August 25, 2016
MVI_1650   MVI_1651   MVI_1652   MVI_1653   MVI_1654   MVI_1655   MVI_1656   MVI_1657   MVI_1658   MVI_1659   MVI_1660   MVI_1661   MVI_1662   MVI_1663   MVI_1664   MVI_1665   MVI_1666   MVI_1667   MVI_1668   MVI_1669   MVI_1670   MVI_1671   MVI_1672   MVI_1673   MVI_1674   MVI_1675   MVI_1676   MVI_1677   MVI_1678   MVI_1679   MVI_1680   MVI_1681   MVI_1682   MVI_1683   MVI_1684   MVI_1685   MVI_1686   MVI_1687   MVI_1688   MVI_1689   MVI_1690   MVI_1691   MVI_1692   MVI_1693   MVI_1694   MVI_1695   MVI_1696   MVI_1697   MVI_1698   MVI_1699   MVI_1700   MVI_1701   MVI_1702   MVI_1703   MVI_1704   MVI_1705   MVI_1706   MVI_1707   MVI_1708   MVI_1709   MVI_1710   MVI_1711   MVI_1712   MVI_1713   MVI_1714   MVI_1715   MVI_1716   MVI_1717   MVI_1718   MVI_1719   MVI_1720   MVI_1721   MVI_1722   MVI_1723   MVI_1724   MVI_1725   MVI_1726   MVI_1727   MVI_1728   MVI_1729   MVI_1730   MVI_1731

September 1, 2016
MVI_1732   MVI_1733   MVI_1734   MVI_1735   MVI_1736   MVI_1737   MVI_1738   MVI_1739   MVI_1740   MVI_1741   MVI_1742   MVI_1743   MVI_1744   MVI_1745   MVI_1746   MVI_1747   MVI_1748   MVI_1749   MVI_1750   MVI_1751   MVI_1752   MVI_1753   MVI_1754   MVI_1755   MVI_1756   MVI_1757   MVI_1758   MVI_1759   MVI_1760   MVI_1761   MVI_1762   MVI_1763   MVI_1764   MVI_1765   MVI_1766   MVI_1767   MVI_1768   MVI_1769   MVI_1770   MVI_1771   MVI_1772   MVI_1773   MVI_1774   MVI_1775   MVI_1776   MVI_1777   MVI_1778   MVI_1779   MVI_1780   MVI_1781   MVI_1782

October 6, 2016
MVI_1783   MVI_1784   MVI_1785   MVI_1786   MVI_1787   MVI_1788   MVI_1789

November 3, 2016
MVI_1790   MVI_1791   MVI_1792   MVI_1793   MVI_1794   MVI_1795   MVI_1796   MVI_1797   MVI_1798   MVI_1799   MVI_1800   MVI_1801   MVI_1802   MVI_1803   MVI_1804   MVI_1805   MVI_1806   MVI_1807

December 1, 2016
MVI_1808   MVI_1809   MVI_1810   MVI_1811   MVI_1812   MVI_1813   MVI_1814   MVI_1815

March 2, 2017
MVI_1860   MVI_1861   MVI_1862   MVI_1863   MVI_1864

May 4, 2017
MVI_1902   MVI_1903   MVI_1904   MVI_1905   MVI_1906   MVI_1907   MVI_1908

June 1, 2017
MVI_1930   MVI_1931   MVI_1932   MVI_1933

July 6, 2017
MVI_1934   MVI_1935   MVI_1936   MVI_1937

September 7, 2017
MVI_1953   MVI_1954   MVI_1955   MVI_1956

October 5, 2017
MVI_1957   MVI_1958   MVI_1959   MVI_1960   MVI_1961   MVI_1962   MVI_1963

November 2, 2017
MVI_1964   MVI_1965   MVI_1966

December 7, 2017
MVI_1967   MVI_1968   MVI_1969   MVI_1970   MVI_1971   MVI_1972   MVI_1973   MVI_1974   MVI_1975   MVI_1976   MVI_1977   MVI_1978   MVI_1979   MVI_1980   MVI_1981

February 1, 2018
MVI_1991   MVI_1992   MVI_1993   MVI_1994   MVI_1995   MVI_1996   MVI_1997   MVI_1998

Welcome to Mars Hill

(Maine; 22 min.)

Voices of Tug Hill

(Lewis Co., N.Y.; 21 min.)

Life Under a Windplant

(Meyersdale, Pa.; 26 min.)

Wind Turbine Strobe Lights and Eerie Noises

(Fenner and Wethersfield, N.Y.; 7 min.)

Industrial Wind Energy Information

(compilation from above videos and the "Truth About Industrial Wind Energy" presentations; 39 min.)

The Wind Turbine Battle / Der Kampf um die Windräder

(Germany; 29 min.)

Wind And Sea

(Rhode Island; 2 videos)

Get Out While You Can! Big Wind Is Coming

(Chautauqua, N.Y.; 32 min.)

Wind Farm Issues — Compilation

(Fife, Scotland; 6 min.)


(1 hr. 32 min.)


(1 hr. 11 min.)


(1 hr. 40 min.)


(54 min.)


(24 min.)


(Meredith, N.Y.; 1 hr. 23 min.)


(Ontario; 42 min.)


(Ontario; 1 hr. 32 min.)

WINDBAG OF AEOLUS [Ασκός του Αιόλου]

(Greece; 1 hr. 23 min.)

Health Impacts of Industrial Wind – conference, Erie Co., New York

(6 videos)

Nextera Zoning Hearings, Clinton Co., Missouri

(9 topics; 515 videos)

La nueva conquista: Eolicos en Oaxaca

(Mexico; 10 min.)

Infrasound & Low Frequency Noise: Physics, Cells, Health and History

(Waterloo, Ont.; 2 hr. 22 min.)

Infrasound Caused by Wind Turbines / Infraschall – Unerhörter Lärm

(Germany; 28 min.)

Infrasound from Wind Turbines / Infraschall von Windkraftanlagen / Infrasons des éoliennes

(Germany; 10 min.)

Wind Turbine Syndrome, a matter of bad prevention?

(Denmark; 13 min.)

Wind Turbines and Public Health

(Australia; 7 min.)

No Safe Place

(Prince Edward Co., Ont.; 13 min.)

Arkwright, New York

(5 videos)

Presentations before the Concerned Citizens of Moore and Argyle Township

(Michigan; 3 videos)

The Falmouth Conference on Human Rights

(Falmouth, Mass.; 5 videos)

Wind Turbine Information Session

(Scituate, Mass.; 2 hr. 10 min.)

Potential Placement of Wind Turbines

(Shelburne, Mass.; 1 hr. 57 min.)

Realities of Wind Energy

(Dekalb Co., Ill.; 1 hr. 20 min.)

Battery Blues

(Hawaii; 4.5 min.)

This Is Green Energy?

(Lowell, Vt.; 1.5 min.)

Mad World of Wind Turbines

(3.5 min.)

Wind Turbine Construction: Compilation

(6 min.)

Wind Turbine Construction

(4 videos)

Concrete Pour: Wind Turbine Foundation

(Ireland; 5 min.)

Europe’s Ill Wind

(25 min.)

A Taste of What’s Planned

(Whitelee, Scotland; 3 min.)

Testimony: Wind Turbine Noise

(Vermont; 19 videos)

Ontario Wind Turbines

(6 min.)

Living Near a Windfarm: Cape Bridgewater, Victoria

(4 interviews)

Victim Impact Statements: Australia

(13 interviews)

Interviews with Wisconsin Wind Farm Residents

(5 interviews)

Wisconsin Wind

(Fond du Lac Co. and Lincoln Township; 1 hr. 49 min.)

Throwing Caution to the Wind

(Port Rowan, Ont.; 7.5 min.)

Throwing Caution to the Wind

(Barrington, R.I.; 17 min.)

Helen Fraser Interview

(Shelburne, Ont.; 21 min.)

Amaranth Wind Turbines, Noise and Health: Barbara Ashbee Interview

(Amaranth, Ont.; 17 min.)

Pandora’s Pinwheels: The Reality of Life with Wind Turbines

(Australia and New Zealand; 1 hr. 57 min.)

Wind Turbines: The Test of Time

(7 min.)

Damage to farm fields and drainage tiles

(Iowa; 2 videos)

Wind turbines and their impacts on weather radar

(Illinois; 2 min.)

Shadow Flicker

(Webster Co., Neb.; 9 videos)

Shadow Flicker in Kingston, Massachusetts

(4 videos)

Shadow Flicker

(Dashwood, Huron Co., Ont.; 2 min.)

Wind Turbine Sound – Field Recording

(Denmark; 10 min.)

What Wind Turbines Sound Like

(Fond du Lac Co., Wis.; 2.5 min.)

Wind Turbine Noise and Shadow Flicker

(Fond du Lac Co., Wis.; 9 min.)

Noise and Strobing at Hoosac Wind

(Mass.; 9 sec.)

Wind Turbine Flicker

(Scituate, Mass.; 7 videos)

Wind Turbine Flicker

(Scituate, Mass.; 7 videos)

Shadow Flicker and Noise

(Freedom, Maine; 3 videos)

Shadow Flicker

(The Netherlands; 3 min.)

Foliennes — Éoliennes à tout prix?

(Québec; 7 videos)

The Truth About Industrial Wind Energy

(Kansas; 12 presentations)

Infrasound and Motion Sickness

(Ontario; 18 min.)

Lowell Mountain Soundscape Before and After Wind Turbines

(Vermont; 30 sec.)

Noise of Turbine in Aberdeenshire

(Scotland; 2 min.)

Sound Recording


Wind turbine lights offshore

(Belgium; 25 sec.)

Wind Turbine Breaks Up in Storm

(Denmark; 3 videos)

Burning Wind Turbine

(Rexville, N.Y.; 1 min.)

Wind Turbine Fire — Burning Blades Fly Off

(Portugal; 1 min.)

Burning Wind Turbine

(Portugal; 4.5 min.)

Burning Wind Turbine

(Indiana; 2 min.)

Wind Turbine Fire

(Isselburg, Germany; 2 videos)

Wind Turbine Fires


Wind Turbine Fire — Pakistan

(Jhimpir City, Thatta District, Sindh Province; 1 min.)

Washing Wind Turbine from Helicopter

(Spain; 3 min.)

Peat slippage, Meenbog Wind Farm, Donegal

(Ireland; 1.5 min.)

See also: The Politics of Peat, RTE News footage of the bog slides caused by wind facility construction in Derrybrien and other sites in Co. Galway, Ireland, compiled by the Scottish Wind Assessment Project)

The Battle for Cefn Croes

(Wales; 3 min.)

The Destruction of Cefn Croes

(photo collection)

Vulture Fatally Collides With Wind Turbine Blade

(Crete; 30 sec./6 min.)

A Rough Wind: The Impact of Industrial Windmill Facilities on Birds and Other Wildlife

(Pennsylvania; 20 min.)

Raptors and Wind Turbines

(Norway; 6.5 min.)

More videos are available in the Documents Library.

Also see more videos at the National Wind Watch You Tube page

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