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Swindle design by Keith Blanchard, U.K.Swindle design by Keith Blanchard, Signal Graphic Design, U.K. (, from the original bumper sticker by Preston McClanahanNov 22, 2007
sWINDle bumper stickerBumper sticker designed by Preston McClanahan, Savoy, Mass. - order from printer: (there may be a minimum order size)Nov 15, 2007
The Statue of Liberty takes offense at giant wind turbinesThe Statue of Liberty takes offense at giant wind turbines - by Marshall Rosenthall, Savoy, MassachusettsNov 13, 2007
Danger Windmills 2 Close 2 PeopleDanger Windmills 2 Close 2 People - Windmills need to be 1 mile away - sticker on Daniel d'Entremont's car (in Nova Scotia)Oct 25, 2007
Size comparison of wind turbines and Statue of LibertySize comparison of turbines proposed for the Vermont town of Sheffield (but mostly overlooking Sutton) with those erected in Searsburg and the Statue of LibertyOct 21, 2007
Existing and planned wind energy projects in the U.K.Existing and planned wind energy projects in the United Kingdom, according to the British Wind Energy Association, Sept. 25, 2007Oct 10, 2007
Scale modelScale model - from, QuebecJul 29, 2007
The ScreamThe ScreamJul 05, 2007
Nature for SaleNature for Sale - by courtesy of Gurelur (Fondo Navarro para protección del medio natural)May 02, 2007
Industrial wind is not healthy for children and other living thingsIndustrial wind is not healthy for children and other living thingsApr 11, 2007
Highly variable wind generationWind-generated electricity fed into the Eon Netz control zone (Germany) in November 2001Mar 15, 2007
747 jumbo jet smaller than blade area of 410-feet-high wind turbineA 747 jumbo jet is smaller than the blade area of a 410-feet-high wind turbine - from Friends of Stallashaw Moss (Scotland)Feb 19, 2007
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