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Wind turbine rotor diameters over time - graphic from VestasSep 10, 2021
Ugly Noisy Lethal FutileFrom "False Progress", 27, 2018
Mean Energy: Not Clean, Not GreenFrom "False Progress", 27, 2018
Low winds over 10 days show limitation of storage‘The wind energy deficit — relative to its annual average — over the ten-day period was 246GWh. That is nearly 30 times the capacity of the largest pumped storage hydro facility in the UK and would cost about $37 billion, assuming suitable sites could be found.’ —Windpower Monthly, 22 March 2018Apr 04, 2018
Daily energy production in 2017Daily electricity generation from wind turbines in Havelland, Germany, in 2017 - from 07, 2018
Comparison between the dose-response relationship for transportation noise and wind turbine noiseComparison between the dose-response relationship for transportation noise and wind turbine noise (Leq = average sound level; DNL = day-night average sound level) - Pedersen and Persson Waye, J Acoust Soc Am 2004;116(6)3460Nov 04, 2017
Loch Ness monstersThe latest pics of the Loch Ness monsters - by Iain GreenApr 06, 2015
Loch NessBy courtesy of "alan sloman's big walk" - 07, 2014
Up in flamesUp in flames - another billboard by Preston McClanahan of the Rhode Island School of Design - for campaigners in IowaApr 28, 2014
Wind turbines generate infrasoundRecording and graphs by courtesy of Rick JamesMar 30, 2014
Capacity versus outputTotal capacity in 2013: 2,011 MW; average production in 2013: 529 MW (26.3%) - graph by courtesy of thejournal.ieFeb 23, 2014
Unweighted, C-weighted, and LAeq(LF) levels, but not A-weighted level, drop when turbines shut downWhen turbines are shut down, the unweighted, C-weighted, and LAeq(LF) levels drop correspondingly, whereas A-weighted level does not.Feb 13, 2014
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